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Katie Saint, Licensed Professional Counselor, Behavior Analyst, Presenter, Social Skills Curriculum Author

Katie Saint presents locally and internationally on topics related to Autism, mental health, and behavior analysis. Katie has a mental health private practice and is also the director of training at an Autism treatment program.

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Helen Hipp, Children's Author

Has a book ever changed your life? Not just inspired you but helped you to see your life differently? Helen Hipp's stories provide children with the opportunity to identify how they are the same, and yet different from other people, and how they feel about the differences.

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Gail Trauco, Children's Author, Keynote Speaker, TV/Media Personality

The Emma meets the Grief Monster book series is dedicated to children (and former children) everywhere. Losses, both great and small, are a part of every human life and it’s time for children to be comforted and reassured in that. Grief is something to experience and express as fully as possible in order to lead a most healthy, fulfilling life. Children are often our greatest teachers. So perhaps the Emma meets the Grief Monster book series will have them teach us by example how to face and then thrive through our losses, fears and life challenges.

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