Abraham Schroeder, Children's Author

Reading, interactive drawing activities, amazing bat facts, plus an introduction to Japanese woodblock prints!

Abraham Schroeder is an author (member of SCBWI) and artist, currently living in Petaluma, California with his family after residing in a dozen other places, including Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Minnesota, Alaska, and Japan. He worked for 7 years in the Asian Art Department at the Museum of Fine Arts, and during that time managed a massive 5-year project to catalog, digitize, and rehouse the MFA's spectacular collection of 50,000+ Japanese prints. An 1880’s woodblock print of bats by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi in the MFA collection was the seed of inspiration for his first published book, The Gentleman Bat, from Ripple Grove Press. The book was illustrated by a friend from graduate school, Piotr Parda, and many of the paintings in the book contain nods to some of their favorite artists and artworks. His second book, Too Many Tables, also from Ripple Grove Press was illustrated by Micah Monkey, and features fun, colorful illustrations alongside a comically entertaining story. A subtle message of generosity and community is woven throughout.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his books:

Bats are awesome, manners and sharing are awesome, and it's OK to be silly and serious at the same time.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his books:

I have a background in Japanese art, and The Gentleman Bat was inspired by a Japanese woodblock print. I have done extensive research about bats and worked closely with the illustrator to create anatomically accurate bats who are delightful and approachable.



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Speaking Engagements and School Visits:

I have done school, library, bookstore, and children's museum visits with large and small audiences. Depending on age and interest, adjusting the presentation to the group, I will read the books, do interactive drawing activities, share amazing bat facts and science, and can include an introduction to Japanese woodblock prints. As an artist who worked closely with the illustrators of my books, I can also discuss the book making and illustration process, as well as cover writing, rhyming, and editing. Talks can include slides and projections, and I am happy to Skype/FaceTime anywhere in the world.

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Grades K-3

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Middle School



11-100 appearances



Willing to travel

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Picture book

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