Adam Wacker, Children's Author and Doctor of Chiropractic

Transformational Life Coaching for all ages

Dr. Adam W. Wacker has been a doctor of chiropractic for over 20 years with an emphasis on the mind-body connection for health and happiness.  He has worked overseas in Australia, and currently has two practices in Wisconsin. He teaches classes and workshops on mindfulness, the law of attraction, and the power of words.  He also does private transformational life coaching.   

He was inspired to write a children's book Red Boots. Landis and his Magical Birthday! His hope is that the book will bring awareness about the importance of how helping others, every day, develops a healthy self-esteem and sense of community for children. Also, that visualization and the power of love can overcome obstacles. Wonderfully illustrated by Aaron Byod and published by Little Creek Press of Mineral Point, WI, Dr. Adam hopes that everyone who reads the book will become inspired. 

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his book:

The power of love is more than just a feeling. It will help people overcome obstacles and empower them.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his book:

I have been a Doctor for over 20 years focusing on the importance of a healthy mind and heart for a healthy life.


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The presentation includes the reading of the book followed by a question and answer period. Bringing the fun characters of this book in the form of stuffed animals and the red boots; kids learn how helping others is the key to unlocking the gift each one of us brings to the world to make it a better place.  He will also share how feelings are power and that we have a choice every day and for every situation to choose how we want to feel.

Additional topics include visualization and how important it can be for bringing good experiences into their lives.  How words have power and that it is important that we use empowering words every day to create a better world for everyone. And a discussion about the importance of helping others and how to be a “S.T.A.R.” when it comes to helping those who are hurting or bullying us.

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Picture Book





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