AJ Cosmo, Children's Book Author & Illustrator, Self-Publishing Expert

Encourage Children With Imagination and Heart

I am an author and illustrator with over seven years of experience in self-publishing and over a million books sold. Most famous for The Monster That Ate My Socks and I Don't Want to Go to School, I continue to create unique content that stirs emotions, inspires imagination, and pushes the envelope.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his books:

My books cover a wide range of topics and characters, however, one common thread has and always will be persistence. I want children to know that what they desire in life can be there's should they have the will to get past the challenges. There's a misconception in America right now that skill, talent, and success are innate and luck of the draw, I aim to help children understand that this is not the case.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his books:

Since much of my work is fiction and fantastical, I am the ultimate authority in my worlds. However, all of my work is drawn from personal experience, even if it involves a talking monster. My novel, Poop, was inspired by my own dealings with Celiac disease. It's OK to Hug and The Little Bleeble deal with Aspergers, of which I have a personal connection with, and even nonsense like The Giggle Game has a backstory of failure and resurrection



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Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

During a visit, I enjoy creating an experience for the children that is one of communication and validation. I've been told that rowdy classes settle down and that the children leave on cloud 9. I believe this stems from a desire to make sure everyone feels included, especially the outcasts, and to answer every question fully without condescension (even the questions from kids that are actually statements, lol!).

The majority of my visits have been readings followed by a question and answer period. This seems to work the best as all of the children are engaged through interaction, not lecturing. I'm also able to steer the conversation towards topics that the children are currently learning about. For example, I was able to turn the number of socks eaten by a monster into a fraction problem that they were also learning about. Other visits have been all questions, such as the case with an Indiana school, where classes read books beforehand. However, if Q&A isn't your style, I've also done presentations on drawing (going from simple shapes to finalized shading,) the basics of writing, and, for adults, the challenges and experiences of self-publishing your own work (which also includes marketing.).

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The Giggle Game is here! Here is the full book, in all its silliness, read to a class of second graders. Get your copy of "The Giggle Game" by following this link! https://www.amazon.com/Giggle-Game-J-Cosmo/dp/0999087843/