Allen Scovil, Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writer

Science-fiction and fantasy novels that believe in Jesus!

Allen Scovil has lived in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada for over 25 years, and has been writing for more than half that. Now retired, he creates science fiction and fantasy novels that communicate the Christian faith to young people. He has written numerous books as he seeks to create stories in which God is the moving force rather than magic or technology, while trying to avoid the dreaded 'Deus ex machina.'

His Deep Black Road series looks at life through the eyes of robotic people—robots with souls—and the troubles they have relating to carnate people—those like us with flesh and blood. Due to his being mildly Autistic (what used to be called Asperger's Disorder), Scovil is able to show what life's like for these robots who don't have the ability to fluently read the body language of others.

Scovil's fantasy books include the 4-book series The Parables of the Game Master, in which young teens find themselves thrown into their so-called Lands of the Heart, where their emotions and beliefs take on a life of their own, and the teens have to figure out how to deal with them in an environment very much like that of a video game or trading-card game. Finally, in Thirst, a young teen boy who is in training to become a wizard finds himself in the form of a monster—specifically a dragon—literally thrown into a world where he constantly craves water, and has to go on quests that guide him to learn about what is true in the world, and what seeks his destruction.


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A revolution in robotics snatches three people-a general, a boy, and a girl-from death to make them into living robots. But when the general acts on his political ambitions, the three of them get tangled up in a web of intrigue spread by the mysterious Prophet and his Family.