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Born and raised in Southern California, Angie Flores found her love in writing children's stories through the concepts and questions her 3 boys would present, and when she would entertain them with spontaneous, improvised bedtime stories. Following in her grandmother's footsteps, who illustrated children's books in Germany in the 1920's, Angie has found a love for children's literature. Her first solo-published book, Cub's Wish, has won several awards, including first place in the coveted Purple Dragonfly Book Award and Royal Dragonfly Book Award contests. Cub's Wish was a bestseller on Amazon, as well as at her first physical bookstore, and #1 e-book best seller on Amazon. The book was named one of the Top Seven Books That Teach Kindness by, certified as A Great Read by, maintains a 5 star rating with Readers Favorite, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and GoodReads, and Angie was nominated as Favorite Woman's Author by The Author's Show. With over 20 children's stories waiting to be discovered, Angie has also written two television pilots, scripts for on-air radio announcements, and a film manuscript based on her grandmothers journey to America. She has also been published in 3 Story Sprouts Anthologies and contributed a chapter to the Middle Grade novel, Kayla Wayman, Junior Teen Traveler — Lost in the Stream.

As the Marketing and Fundraising Manager for the Children's Book Writers of Los Angeles, Angie has been able to fine tune her understanding of the industry. She has implemented and coordinated several successful fundraisers for various schools while raising awareness in the importance of reading and other student's needs. From working with special needs children and adults, to working as a Human Resources Manager for a major corporation, helping people exceed their potential has always been important to her. Now as an Author, Angie helps kids through her school and group presentations to recognize their own potential.

If she's not at home watching Harry Potter, Star Wars, Walking Dead, or anything directed by Tim Burton with her kids, Angie can be found rollerskating at the beach or watching a sunset with her patient and loving husband.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her book:

What readers should take away from the book, is to see that if you stop and look around you, you probably have all you need to be happy.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her book:

Graduating college with a degree in Child Psychology/Human Services gave Angie the fundamentals. Being a parent of 3 boys has kept Angie on her feet, but being involved with their development has brought a clear understanding of children's imaginations, which rekindled hers. So often did she hear her boys wishing to do magical and adventurous tasks. Angie and her boys would find ways to make the magic come true through focusing on the process to get there. Results were always satisfying. Cub's Wish touches on how to think through the choices for a satisfying result.


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PANDAS! Kids love these black and white furry friends, and so does Angie! Angie brings her love of the panda to the classroom or group, with cute visuals and fun facts about the panda and its habitat. For instance, did you know that when pandas are born, they are the size of your pinkie? This and other fun facts are shared as Angie introduces the main characters of her award-winning and bestselling book, Cub's Wish. After reading her heartwarming story, there is a discussion about different types of wishes and how to make your wishes come true. This fun presentation is concluded with a craft or writing prompt, depending on the age of the group. Children will leave not only with a better understanding of our furry friends, but also with an appreciation of what wishing from the heart means and how to think through important choices.

For grades 4 and above, Angie speaks about finding ideas, finding the motivation to write, and taking your idea from "Start to Story." Simple editing techniques and condensing ideas to get a concise story are shared with the group, which can be used in whatever writing assignments they may have in the future.

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Red Clover Reader is delighted to feature kids author Angie Flores this week. A Child Psychology specialist by training, Angie is mother of 3, wife of 1, and the Author of An award winning Children's Book: 'Cub's Wish'.