Bailey Baxter, Children's Book Author

Helping Children Find Courage and Confidence

Bailey Baxter is the pen name of a somewhat successful copywriter who writes "junk mail" for a living. She lives in beautiful Asheville, NC, with a stubborn, mischievous Shih-tzu and simply cannot survive without a large supply of dark chocolate on hand. Bailey has been writing stories since childhood. In fact, when she was 12, she wrote and illustrated tiny books that she stapled together and passed to her best friend during class. (She was never caught.) Her first book is the highly rated fantasy-adventure called The Mirror of Doom. And, she's currently writing the sequel, The Hooded Menace, which should be available in early 2019.

Bailey enjoys speaking in classrooms, encouraging children to face their fears and accomplish more with their lives than they ever dreamed possible.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her books:

In The Mirror of Doom, 12-year-old Tim has an older brother and sister who are better than him at everything. He feels like a loser. However, when he's thrown into an adventure in another world, he discovers that he's braver and more capable than he ever imagined. Through Tim's adventures, that's what I want readers to see. The situation they're facing may seem too big and scary. But, with each step of courage they take, the stronger and more confident they will become.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her books:

I was that kid. I never had any confidence in myself. I was even afraid to call attention to myself, because I could never be as good as the other kids in my class. I needed books like The Mirror of Doom to encourage and inspire me.


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Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

I like to read a sample of the book and use it to launch off on talking with students about fears they may have faced and how they've overcome them. I also encourage students to discover the dreams in their own hearts and to have the courage to pursue them.

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