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These Are No Ordinary Children's Books ...They Are Dog-Gone Good Books! 

American Pit Bulls, though a popular breed, are often misunderstood. Omaha resident and former educator, Barbara Freeman, has a passion for them. While her children were growing up, her family adopted an American Pit Bull, Princess, who they renamed Sugar because of her sweet disposition. Now, she has turned her passion for the breed into a passion for educating children about them. With two books in the series so far, Sugar A Princess Pit Bull Finds Her Family and Super Smart Sugar (Laredo Publishing), Freeman's books promote love, self-acceptance and a positive self-esteem.

Sugar A Princess Pit Bull Finds Her Family features Sadie, a proud mother of five fuzzy soft and silky American Pit Bull Terriers. She dreams that each puppy will find a safe home with loving humans. Even though Princess is the runt of the litter, she is the true leader and relates to her beloved brothers with warmth and care. As her brothers find their own families, Princess bids each of them goodbye, hoping one day she would find a home, too. Feeling a bit discouraged, Princess worried that she would never find her family because of her small size. Then, everything changes when Michael, a volunteer caregiver, arrives to the shed. Princess's ultimate dream comes true.

Sugar's story continues with Super Smart Sugar. Many people suspect that their dogs are exceptionally smart and loving. Sugar, Freeman's family dog, is both intelligent and humorous. This book depicts actual situations that showcases Sugar's talents and skills. Readers are also encouraged to identify their dog's smart traits and compare them to Sugar's. The book is complemented with an educational material highlighting the intelligence of dogs, a dog intelligence ranking and a quiz for children to identify their own dog's performance and skills.

Sugar A Princess Pit Bull Finds Her Family won first place in the Family Matters category of the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards contest and Super Smart Sugar earned a Reader's Favorite review in 2015 and won First Place, Educational/Instructional and Honorable Mention, Animals/Pets in the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Award Contest.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Barbara Freeman earned a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and taught second grade. While teaching, Barbara recognized a special need for emotional support in some children, particularly those placed in foster care or whose parents were getting divorced, which precipitated her return to the University of Nebraska at Omaha to earn a Master's degree in Guidance and Counseling. Barbara Freeman not only speaks to children about American Pit Bulls, she also hosts creative writing workshops.


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