Cachet Allen, Author, Illustrator, and Motivational Speaker

An Award-Winning Children’s Author, Illustrator, and Motivational Speaker

Cachet Allen has always had a passion for the arts, drawing, photography, but especially for dance. Since becoming a mother of three, and retiring from a long career dancing and teaching, Cachet decided to use her artistic talents to create children’s books. The books had to be meaningful. She created the ’I Am’ book series to help inspire children through the power of kindness, self-love, and confidence. Cachet lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and children.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her book:

Cachet Allen’s ’I Am’ book series was created with the intention to empower children and help them realize their own inner strength while being kind, brave and happy. The words ‘I Am’ was an important part of Cachet’s message because anything that follows ‘I Am’ is what you believe about yourself. ‘I Am’ is very powerful, and anything you tell yourself should be positive. Her books explore a timely theme of mindfulness and empathy while helping to instill confidence and self-love. I Am Kindness is a delightful book which inspires compassion for all living things. Being kind is a choice—we can choose to be kind to all beings on earth. In return, the love, empathy, and compassion that we share will also fill our own hearts with joy and happiness.

With the success of her first book, Cachet followed up with I Am Worthy—now an award-winning book for best picture book 5 and under and 6 and over—a book with a powerful message of self-worth and confidence which can never be taught too soon! This motivational book is filled with positive affirmations to remind children how special they are. As well, kids should know they have the power to create their own happy lives by recognizing their feelings and knowing how they can choose positive feeling thoughts in everyday situations. How you feel is a choice. The possibilities are endless when children believe in themselves and are happy.

With magical, whimsical characters that bring the ‘I Am’ books to life, Cachet’s poetic message flows with an easy rhythm that any child or parent is sure to love. Cachet wants children to know how wonderful and special they are. They hold the power within themselves to create their own happy lives by being kind to others and towards themselves, following their hearts and listening to their own guidance system. The practice of positive thinking and affirmations at a young age can make all the difference in one’s self-confidence. This book series is fun and lighthearted with colorful, loving characters that children and adults both can appreciate. With characters traveling to the sun and the moon, magical galaxies and down to the deep blue sea, the characters are sure to win your heart.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her book:

Cachet is self-taught in the subject of life through her own life experiences. Growing up as an only child, she learned the importance of following her heart and intuition at a young age, which would lead her to discover amazing writers who reiterated what she already felt from within. With a passion for self-development and the love for reading self-empowerment books, she found it natural to live life with a positive attitude and have compassion towards others. With a career in teaching dance to both kids and adults, as well as performing competitively, Cachet knows the importance of having self-confidence. When teaching her students how to dance, part of her job was also encouraging and helping them develop their own confidence in their dancing. Cachet really feels that this part of her life has contributed to her writing and motivational speaking today.


2018 Award Winner in the Royal Dragonfly Book Award contest—First Place for Best Picture Book for 5 and under and 6 and over


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Cachet Allen loves to share her ideas on creating a happy, positive life with children, especially at a time in life where the world can be complicated. Listening to kids and understanding them teaches her a lot as well. She loves to help them realize their potential. Cachet travels to schools, libraries, festivals, and events to read and share her message of kindness and self-love to help empower and motivate children in realizing their fullest potential. As an author, this gives Cachet the opportunity to connect with children and teachers and discuss in depth the importance of kindness, respecting yourself and others, as well as different ways to respect nature, the environment, and animals.

Cachet speaks about different ways to develop inner strength, integrity, and self-empowerment. She speaks about how to do daily affirmations and the importance of recognizing how you feel and that feelings are a choice. In addition, Cachet speaks about how the idea of the I Am book series came to fruition and demonstrates how her lovable illustrations came to be. Included in her sessions is a dance portion to get kids up on their feet with a teaching demonstration to Cachet’s “I Am Kindness” song created from her book.

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