Carlos Torres, Social Skills Curriculum Author, Group Coordinator, Presenter, Coach

Teaching Adolescents and Adults to Have Meaningful Relationships

Carlos Torres is an author, coach, and therapist. He creates curriculum, and designs groups to develop social skills, leisure skills, and vocational skills. Carlos’ degree is in special education and he works full time helping at-risk children and young adults gain skills needed for independence. Carlos specializes in using sports, and socially mediated feedback to help people learn and apply relationship and social skills. He leads a team of therapists in designing groups and curriculum to facilitate friendship development in children and adults with Autism.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his book:

The most important piece we want readers to get out of Awkward, co-authored with Katie Saint, LPS, BCBA, is that they can improve their relationships by simple behavior changes. By using the self-assessment, reviewing the dos and don'ts, using the scripts for role playing and practice, conversing about the discussion questions, an participating in the non-verbal exercises our readers will be more equipped to apply these skills in real life and deepen their friendships.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his book:

Carlos has presented over 300 times in large and small group settings teaching social skills and relationship development. He has been working with people with disabilities and mental health concerns for over 15 years. Carlos leads a team of over 30 therapists at a bachelors and masters level of education to teach and implement natural environment social skills training. He has helped develop social skills with over 400 clients with disabilities or mental health diagnoses.

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The presentation will include information on how to help teens and young adults learn how to be socially appropriate and increase their social awareness. Each presentation can be tailored to teach people with disabilities. It will go over activities and exercises to develop needed social skills.

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This book is a resource for teens, adults and educators to optimize social interactions. The book is for pre-order on amazon today and will be released August 18th, 2018. Link to purchasing the book: