Dana Wall, Grammar Made Fun!

Grammar Made Fun! A Series of 5 Books That Teach the Value of Grammar! 

What is a conjunction, an adverb, and a metaphor? Readers will earn about these and so much more! Dana Wall and Amber Wall created the Emma series due to their love of teaching grammar. It was an amazing bonding experience that has firmly cemented their close mother-daughter relationship.

Currently living in Manhattan Beach, California, Dana Wall is available for school or library visits.

Look for more Emma stories in the future!

"Young readers ages four through six will enjoy this whimsical, well written and cleverly illustrated book. In this story, Emma and Wizard Jake, take young readers on a journey to learn how to identify nouns and pronouns after Emma fails a test at school. The authors have simplified the process of identifying nouns and pronouns in a positive and encouraging way to help children grasp the concept. The colorful illustrations are really fun, and the way Dana Wall and Amber Wall present nouns and pronouns is both educational and very funny. I think 'Emma has a Dilemma' is a delight to read aloud and would be perfect for homeschooling as well as a classroom reading program activity to teach children about nouns and pronouns. I would highly recommend this book to educators and parents alike for a fun-filled, educational experience that children are sure to enjoy!"

—Sarah Holloway 



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