Diane Mayer Christiansen, Autism/Motivational Speaking

Learning to Celebrate and Respect Who We Are As Unique and Special People.

Christiansen speaks to children, educators, and parents about her journey of acceptance. Her struggle with dyslexia helped her become the strong, and sometimes silly, person that she is today. Christiansen was unable to read throughout most of her schooling. She fell through the cracks at a time when dyslexia was not considered a real disability. After she learned to read, she followed her heart and became a writer. When her son, Jackie was diagnosed with autism, Christiansen was thrown back into the past. Jackie struggled with bullying and poor self-esteem. They learned together, that being different is better than being like everyone else. Christiansen talks about topics such as; what bullying really looks like, the benefit of choosing kindness and the face of autism.

SWITCHER: Samantha is different. She is keeping a secret that she doesn't share with anyone. When her parents find out, they decide the only thing to do is to send her away so that she can learn to be like everyone else. Soon, Samantha discovers that there are more people like her. She quickly decides that she is fine just the way she is. But how will she convince the rest of the world?

SNUB CLUB: Jackie and Cameron just don't quite fit in. They have autism and they see the world in a different way. It sure doesn't make life any easier. But when something strange is going on in their school, they decide that it's up to them to solve the mystery. Soon they discover that maybe having autism is pretty cool.



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