Dwight DeRamus, Author Motivational/Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach

A passionate leader, educator, husband, and father. His books are empowering and his speaking approach fosters optimism and restoration.

Dwight DeRamus is author of poetry and nonfiction from the faith-based realm. He uses wisdom gained in the trenches of life to speak to the deep questions of fatherhood many want to ask but are afraid to whisper. He holds master’s degrees from Chicago State and Governor State universities. Dwight has taught students on the high school and college levels for over fifteen years. He also serves as a deacon and Sunday school teacher at his church. Dwight DeRamus lives in the Chicago land area, serving as a husband for over twenty years and being a proud father of two sons.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his books:

The importance of fathers is heavily stressed in this book because of its long-lasting affects. It examines how weak our absent fathers cripple both sons' and daughters' ability to define their roles in healthy relationships. The bondage of fatherlessness can be loosened if the word of God is applied in our families to prevent generational curses.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his books:

I have first-hand knowledge and experience of how challenging living with without a father for all but six years of my life and learning to navigate through life that many take for granted is a humbling experience. I taught as an adjunct professor in the human services department for ten years in the family and child development area. The vast majority of students I have taught both on high school and college levels come from fatherlessness homes.


Disappearing Dads—Book of the Month, B.L.I.S.S. for Singles Magazine, February 2017

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