Eric Heister, Author, Guest Speaker, Art Director, Commissioned Artist, Prop Master, Actor, Paid Photographer, and Voiceover Artist

Relationship Expert, Hollywood Art Director and Author of Instagram Husband

Eric Heister has recently appeared in Sky Ferreria's "I Blame Myself" music video. He is a tortured soul in the new Lionsgate film, “Havenhurst" with Julie Benz. Eric just filmed a scene with Nicholas Cage, Elijah Wood, and Sky Ferreria in the new movie "The Trust" also featuring Jerry Lewis. Eric has been a commissioned artist for several years and is the Art Director for Greenglow Films, winner of the 2012 LA Movie Awards. Eric is also the Stage Manager at the historical Herald Examiner Film Studio and has worked with many of the top actors, artists, directors, and producers in Hollywood. His fashion creations have been featured in several national publications.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his book:

My book, Instagram Husband, A Guide to Discovering What it Takes to be an Amazing and Perfect Partner for the Rest of Your Entire Life... Oh and a True Hollywood Love Story, is my true Hollywood love story and a salty, self help guide for men. What I want most for reader to get out of this book is the best possible relationship with their other half, and to inspire someone to prepare to be in an amazing relationship, even when all hope is seemingly lost.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his book:

Until recently, I did not have a reason to write about my “amazing” life, but I have a several younger men that ask me for advice frequently, so my wife told me to finally write it or else! I should mention that I lost almost everything financially due to a sudden horrible sickness, so writing a book was one thing I could do. It has a sarcastic feel to it and evolves into my experiences running a famous ranch in Malibu, California, being an art director, stage manager and actor in Hollywood. Last year, I appeared in a film called “The Trust” with Nicolas Cage, Elijah wood and Jerry Lewis. I was the one spitting on Nicholas Cage before he killed me. The name dropping is extensive throughout the book and includes many A-list entertainers in music and film, along with pictures of most of my experiences with them. The most important part is that my beautiful, real love story is intertwined throughout.


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My presentation is an ABC kick-the-ball approach to nurturing the dreams of others by establishing relationships.

For high schoolers, I focus on empowering their dream- building skills and for college and adult presentations, I focus more on relationship advice, from how to help your other half through insecurities to becoming a believer in true love when your world seems like it’s falling apart.

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