Gail Trauco, Children's Author, Keynote Speaker, TV/Media Personality

Children's author, professional speaker, TV/media personality, grief expert, pharmaceutical clinical trial expert

Gail Trauco is a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Grief Mediator who has assisted more than 5,000 men, women, and children to overcome grief, and the author of the International Bestselling book, Conquering Grief from Your Own Front Porch. Gail Trauco has made it her life’s mission to help others through life’s greatest challenges and obstacles. She calls upon her compassion as a caregiver to aid people in reclaiming their lives.

She personally endured more loss and sadness in the first 12 years of her life than most people do in an entire lifetime. The sweet, simple, and down-home approach she brings to being an author is inspired by her Southern upbringing and her own healing after numerous losses and major life changes, including the grief of poverty, abandonment, failed relationships, medical uncertainty, and, of course, death of people and pets. Gail is a mother of three grown sons (two of whom are fraternal twins) and she now calls her ranch with a multitude of animals and a lovely front porch in Forsyth, Georgia, her home.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her book:

The Emma meets the Grief Monster book series is dedicated to children (and former children) everywhere. Losses, both great and small, are a part of every human life and it’s time for children to be comforted and reassured in that. Grief is something to experience and express as fully as possible in order to lead a most healthy, fulfilling life.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her book:

As a registered nurse, pharmaceutical trials expert, and licensed Grief Mediator, Gail Trauco has spent four decades helping patients navigate the sea of red tape in the American healthcare system. She is known for finding solutions when everyone else says there is no way. Based just outside Atlanta, Gail has gained a reputation as a fierce advocate for patient’s rights and for resolving some of the most difficult medical cases in the currently crippled healthcare industry. As a lifelong healthcare professional and frequent on camera expert, she is equal parts Gloria Allred, Erin Brokovich, and Nancy Grace.


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Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

Trauco has spoken on the main stage at Harvard, West Point, and NASDAQ. She has talked about grief on more than 60 morning news and talk shows nationwide. Keynote addresses have included HealthCare 911, Grief, Women's Issues, and Entrepreneurship. Talks, presentations, and workshops are modified for specific audiences as needed.

As a result of taking this program, participants will:

  • Learn to distinguish the difference between “grief” and “clinical depression”

  • Easily identify the 7 phases of grief

  • Understand which phase of the grief cycle where they are currently are

  • Learn to establish safe boundaries through creation of their own Front Porch

  • Gain techniques to “raise their vibration”

  • Identify 3 techniques to immediately lift their mood

  • Have the opportunity to participate in a guided meditation to meet their guides and angels

  • Learn to express themselves verbally about loss and how it has impacted their life

  • Develop skills to talk with anyone who has experienced loss: what to say and what not say

  • Learn to use their soul GPS and listen to their inner voice to achieve healing

Front Porch Therapy is the process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. Learning to live with loss is a life skill developed through personal growth, knowledge of loss, and applying skills to daily living. Each participant will learn their own way to best cope with grief and loss through experiences at the workshop and/or lecture and return home refreshed, both physically and emotionally. Therapy dogs are available in some geographic locations upon request.

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Grades K-3

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Middle School

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Willing to travel

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Picture book

Children's Fiction


Adult Non-Fiction


Aging/Senior Citizens

Alternative Medicine/Homeopathy/Naturopathic Medicine



Community Issues – Hispanic, Community Programs



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