Georgiana Keable, Storyteller and Author

The Natural Storyteller!

I'm a storytelling pioneer from the UK and Norway. I've been busy launching our Norwegian Storytelling Festival with guests like the Princess of Norway and the Environment minister. I also founded our Storytelling House (Fortellerhuset) with storytellers from three continents. I tell stories of our relationship with nature. Every year, I walk the Norwegian Pilgrims way dressed as a scruffy pilgrim on an adventure with hundreds of teenagers. I also tell, In role as botanist Marianne North, to 1,000 teenagers every year at the site of the Viking ship burial in South Norway. I also walk sleeping in a hammock and collecting stories from strangers about how people and nature are connected. I've told at festivals in England, Scotland, Switzerland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iran and India, travelling overland or sea if possible. In 2015, I was honoured to receive the Oslo Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Art in Oslo.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her book:

To dare to read a story seed. Then to retell the story, unleashing courage, creativity and love of nature!

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her book:

When I was a child, nature seemed like the most miraculous and wonderful place to play. My mum was a teacher and told us many stories and as an adult I became one of the first professional storytellers in England. I found myself seeking out the best stories about our living planet. True stories of environmental heroines and heroes, botanical tales of living trees. Stories gleaned from the treasures of world traditions, but re-visioned for sustainability and today’s child. Adventures between birds, animals and people. Fairytales from the forest and true tales of sea, earth and sky. Some so good you want to retell them at once. Stories inspiring wonder and courage.


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Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

I have been working as a storyteller for almost all my working life. Its a fantastic job because children tend to love you! I also really enjoy encouraging others to tell stories in such a way that they appeal to children right now. The Natural Storyteller is a book, but also a performance for ages 6 -11, which includes plenty of interaction as the children use techniques from the book to start remembering their best stories. I also do short talks for groups of teachers or parents, lasting around 30 minutes, and courses to inspire spontaneous and powerful storytelling about the Natural world.

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Grades K-3

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301+ appearances



Willing to travel (I live in Norway! So any engagement needs to be planned in advance with other performances.

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Children's Fiction






Environmental Issues




Performing Arts

Hear a piece of a story from the Natural Storyteller, Georgiana Keable and griot (traditional storyteller & musician) Solo Diarra. Filmed at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2017: Scottish Storytelling Centre: Georgiana Keable: 'The Natural Storyteller: Wildlife Tales for Telling' is available from Hawthorn Press.