Janet Givens, Peggy Pelican Lost Her Spots

This book is an educational book that teaches counting by ones and fives for ages 2-7.

When my three children were just toddlers, I found a fun and creative way to teach them colors using a quirky pelican and a fish I made from fabric. The pelican and fish they loved so much was then packed away for a few decades when I became a kindergarten assistant and raised my own little ones. After I retired, I found that much-loved pelican and all the stories I had created to teach and entertain my children. It occurred to me that other children might love these stories as much as my children had and other families could use the stories to teach their children. So Peggy Pelican, who never grew old, was given new life and new purpose for another generation of children. It is my hope that your little ones will curl up in your lap and find it fun to learn with Peggy Pelican. My first book is called Peggy Pelican Goes Fishing. This book teaches colors and rhyming. My second book is called Peggy Pelican Lost Her Spots.This book teaches counting by ones and fives.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her book:

For children to learn their colors and counting the fish as you read to them.You can also interact with the stuffed animal (Peggy Pelican) by putting the fishing on the floor and having the little ones feed Peggy different colored fish. Great education learning.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her book:

30 years in education.



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I have been to almost all the elementary schools in my county and have donated a stuffed animal and book to the library. I read my two books and use my Peggy Pelican stuffed animal to interact with the students, preschool to 2nd grade. If students want a book, I sign it for them. They can also purchase a stuffed animal. I have a print out of a Peggy Pelican, where the students can add spots to Peggy

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Grades K-3


11-100 appearances



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Character Education





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