Jeff Mondak, Children's Poet and Songwriter

Jeff Mondak & Friends

Get ready to dance! Get ready to sing! Jeff Mondak will be joined at your school by one of his musician friends, Jordan Kaye or Sergio Wals. Their programs combine discussion of poetry and songwriting with fun, high-energy performances. Teachers, be warned—you will be dancing! 

The Toy Box Ate My Brother, Jeff's new poetry collection, includes over 40 of his zaniest poems. Jeff's poems also appear in magazines such as Cricket and Spider, and in such books as When Granny Won Olympic Gold and My Teacher's In Detention. Jeff's songs have been played on dozens of radio programs, including NPR's “All Things Considered” and the Dr. Demento Show. Jeff has written with folk music icon Christine Lavin, and some of Jeff's songs are performed by the National Youth Choir of Scotland. Jeff co-wrote ten songs on rock band NxT's CD Sounds Familiar, including the infectiously goofy “I Wanna Buy a Turtle,” and all of the songs on Mick Brady's children's music CD Triple the Pickle

Jeff and his friends are educators. After discussing techniques for writing good poems, you'll learn about the relationship between poetry and songwriting, culminating in a raucous concert including songs such as “The Rock and Roll Hop,” and “Nobody Knows Where Our Bus Driver Goes.”

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Presentations are tailored to meet your school’s needs. Typical assembly and classroom presentations are one hour, with four assemblies or presentations per school day.  I travel with a musician for most school visits, and our programs include a fun mix of a) discussion of techniques for writing good poems, b) recitation of poems, and c) incredibly fun, raucous concerts featuring my songs, concerts at which students and teachers sing along, and get up and dance.

We are very flexible in terms of the design of our programs, because we want to provide the sort of experience that best suits the interests of your school and its students.

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