Jeff Nathan, Multi-Award-Winning Author

Multi-award-winning author's HUMOR empowers students to learn READING and WRITING

This is the guaranteed best visiting literacy program your elementary school has EVER HAD or you don't have to pay!

Do you want to get your students excited about literacy? Do you want them to absorb the most troubling aspects of language arts in “an atmosphere of laughter and enchantment?” Jeff Nathan, award-winning children's author and creator of PunOETRY™, has created CurricuLaughs, a unique set of hysterically entertaining children's assemblies that focus on EDUCATION THROUGH HUMOR. This “Boston's Best” programming now boasts more principals' enthusiastic letters than any other programming in the COUNTRY, filled with superlatives and amazement.

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... by far, the best set of presentations I have seen in the district.
— Dr. Marc Kerble, Winchester Schools Asst. Superintendent, Winchester, MA

... blend of the genuine innocence of Mr. Rogers, the slap-stick comedy of the Three Stooges, and the intellectual drama of Shakespeare.
— Ann L. Freitag, Hinsdale Elementary School Principal, Hinsdale, NH

... the most worthwhile set of programs I have ever brought to Woodville!
— Brian Middleton-Cox, Woodville Elementary Principal, Wakefield, MA

... the most productive, effective, and purposeful set of programs we have had.
— Connie Brown, Randolph Howell Elementary Principal, Columbia, TN

... the richest experience that an author can provide ... very, very effective.
— Roland Axelson, Waddell Elementary School Principal, Manchester, CT


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Award-Winning Author Jeff Nathan explains why CurricuLaughs is so effective at helping elementary students learn the more troublesome language arts concepts. CurricuLaughs - The guaranteed BEST language arts programs your elementary school has EVER HAD or you don't have to pay! See more at