Jim Huggins, Author, Film Producer, and Speaker

If you want to impact society, change the stories it listens to. I'm a storyteller with stories that impact!

In a recent interview, Jim said “Society is a reflection of the stories it tells itself through its entertainment. Are you happy with how society is going? No? Then change the entertainment.”

Serving with distinction for nearly three decades, Jim is a highly decorated Air Force officer whose service includes over five years involved in every real-world conflict in the Middle East beginning with Desert Storm. In 2006, he turned his energy and passion for storytelling into the driving force behind a career in entertainment. By 2009, having become an award-winning actor and an experienced director, Jim launched New Shepherd Films, an indie film production company producing content designed to be positive and real. Making his directorial-debut with Footprints (2011), the film enjoyed a red carpet premiere in Los Angeles, a limited (7 states) theatrical release, and is now available on DVD and digital.

In addition to film, Jim’s first two books, Footprints (the novelization of the hit movie) and Memoirs of an Angel have likewise received critical acclaim and are now available worldwide in print and e-book formats through all major outlets. These successes, among others, are why in a recent article, Variety Entertainment referred to Jim as one of the “top entertainment chiefs for faith-based film and TV.”

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his books:

My hope is that each reader is left saying, "Wow... I want to know more!"

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his books:

I tell true stories from original source material. In the case of Memoirs of an Angel and Footprints, I lived these events!





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In addition to film, his books Footprints and Memoirs of an Angel are available worldwide in print and e-book formats through all major outlets.

Uniquely suited for storytelling, Jim he knows how to tell them and tell them well.

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