Jim Petipas, Author, Illustrator, Musician, and Publisher with Boardwalk Books

Author, illustrator, and songwriter of an Udderly Crazy new children's book, The Cows Go Moo!

Jim has always been creating art. When he was a kid he would often be found drawing cars, animals, or boats. Throughout his teen and college years, he was creating music as a drummer in a local band. After college, he worked in the business field for a few years and then went to seminary. He obtained a degree in Youth Ministry and served in a few churches for over 20 years. Jim went back to school for a degree in Counseling and for the past eight years, he has had his own practice as an adolescent and family counselor and mentor. It was around that same time that Jim's daughters encouraged him to illustrate and publish a children's picture book based on a song he co-wrote in high school. This led to the fruition of, The Cows Go Moo!, which was recently released in May 2018.

Jim also went into the studio and recorded the song that accompanies the book. Jim is still a counselor, and is working towards writing, illustrating, and publishing more books and songs in The Cows Go Moo series! He and his wife Beth, two daughters; Olivia and Sophia, and dog Earl live just north of Boston, Massachusetts.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his book:

Laughter! My Udderly Crazy picture book is all about bringing joy! From the rhyming lyrics, to the colorful illustrations, to the catchy humorous song - my desire is to bring laughter to children of all ages. Also with the "Buy-A-Book / Give-A-Cow!" project I want to share in the joy of giving!

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his book:

I wrote the song that is the basis of this book back in high school, so I have been very familiar with it for almost forty years. I have always loved cows and as a result of this book, I have learned quite a bit about our four-legged bovine friends.



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Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

As the author, illustrator, songwriter, and publisher of The Cows Go Moo! I am able to share all of these creative aspects of the book with my audience. At most events I will read the story, teach and sing the song, draw some of the illustrations, and can share about the process that goes into the production and marketing of a picture book. My goal is to bring an element of fun into all aspects of my presentation. Along with the above I generally add in random cow jokes and audience participation. I have multi-media available and am also available to visit any location worldwide via Skype presentations.

A huge part of The Cows Go Moo! is the Buy-A-Book / Give-A-Cow project where I share about my partnership with Heifer International. Ten percent of all profits go to providing real cows for people living in poverty so that they can start their own cow-milking business to provide for their family's needs. Moochas gracias for considering me for your next school, library, farm, ice cream stand, or event!

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Grades K-3


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Picture Book







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