John Delery, Young-Adult Author, Feature Writer

Teen-Savvy Satirist

Like my character, Sandalrella, I am a nerd who loves words, my favorite playthings. In a previous professional life, I wrote feature stories for newspapers [ancient, portable, foldable word-storage devices] on a computer the size of a mini refrigerator. Sandalrella: Perceptions of a Teenage Famepire is my third book and first YA novel.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his books:

When Sandalrella Twain, a restless and ambitious senior at the Kimye High School for Celebrity Journalism and Other Nonsense Americans Consider News, becomes stranded in the Big Appletini™ after losing her lifeline — her smartphone — she must stop texting, start speaking, and learn to trust her astute inner voice to return home from her fantasy field trip, in this young-adult satire. By the end, Sandalrella learns that she is so much more than a fame-obsessed, cell-absorbed, text-crazed teen.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his books:

I care about the lives of children and the complicated problems they face nowadays in and out of school. I think the young adults in my extended family recognize my concern and appreciate my interest. After all, I still have a seat reserved for me at the older kids’ table every holiday because I do not act my age and I speak kids’ lingo fluently.


Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

Like my fifth-grade teacher did with me, I would like to inspire teenagers to explore their creative sides. I would like to explain the simple origins of my story and how an atom of an idea multiplies and expands into what I hope is a fun and complex tale of growing wiser and growing up... in only four days.

Presentation Audience:

Middle School

High School



Less Than 5 Appearances


New Jersey

Willing to travel to NY, CT, PA

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Tween/YA Fiction





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