Lori London, Author, Voice-over Artist, Vocalist, Songwriter and Actor

Children need inspiration, encouragement and a place where they can smile with imagination and wonder!

Lori London is an author, voice-over artist, vocalist, songwriter and actor. As a published songwriter her stories have a definite tempo and a way of making you laugh! Her words cleverly rhyme their way up, down and all around the Tripi trail of adventures!

In the first book, Tripi Takes Flight, you will get to know our little cartoon character. But more importantly, just who it was he met in the library that day and why he hopped a 747 jumbo jet to Paris, France! Tripi’s life changed course that day, it’s a course for adventure and things will never be the same! Tripi is different, very special you see, he can talk, read and write. He can even dance and sing!

In Tripi Visits France, the second story in the series, you and your children will be transported to a fast-paced ride through Paris and all it’s history, culture and beauty. At the boat dock called a pier, he met a French Poodle named Pierre! Pierre and Tripi talked all day about the weather and world events. Tripi was so glad that he had learned to speak French!

In the third story, Tripi Explores England, he is keen on meeting the Queen of England! The first three stories are just the tip of the iceberg as this limitless journey of fun and discovery take him across the entire globe!

Lori writes the stories, narrates, performs and creates all the character voices for the audio books. The main character is an adorable little fellow who is quite limitless, and is a perfect fit for television and movies.

Once while reading the story to a small group of children who began to encircle her. As the story came to a close, a little girl leaned in put her hand on Lori’s arm and asked, "Is there more?" Lori answered, "Yes, there is more." And, oh my, is there ever!

Children need inspiration, encouragement and a place where they can smile with imagination and wonder! Tripi is good and kind, and in his heart and mind, anything is possible! And anything is possible, if you believe something to be so... I hope you and your children will come along on this journey as we travel to places and far off lands and destinations that Tripi is destined to land! The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." The imagination is a wondrous thing, Trip and I will show you exactly what we mean!

Tripi Takes Flight is a recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award.