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Author/Veteran/Financial Firefighter

I spent 38 years in the investment business. Held roles as President of a broker/dealer, Executive Vice President, and Chief Compliance Officer. The latter of my career went from the U.S. Navy to working on the line in an automobile factory, being a Stock Broker in Beverly Hills, and ending as President of an Investment Firm. And along the way, I put dozens of people in prison for stealing millions of dollars from clients.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his book:

This memoir follows my career as Chief Compliance Officer with the arduous task of detection, prevention, and the putting out of financial fires. Through my story, readers will learn how I placed dozens of people in prison for stealing millions of dollars from clients, and how I fought the company, advisers, and clients in my efforts to protect them.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his book:

I retired after 38 years in the the investment business. I held roles as President of a broker/dealer, Executive President, Chief Compliance Officer, and FINRA Arbitrator. I held the designation of Certified Compliance Professional (CRCP) and security registration series 4, 7, 9, 10, 24, 53, 63 and 65. I was responsible for the regulatory supervision of over three thousand Registered Representatives.


President's Book Awards Winner by the Florida Authors & Publishers Association, Inc.



Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

I can speak to how I took compliance from being thought of as "a necessary evil" to an essential part of the governing body of a corporation. How caring more about people than sales will bring you more sales in the long run. How one person doing the right thing can be more powerful than ten people who are not willing to upset the status quo. How being the first and only black officer in the 135 year history of a company can be a challenge, but can be overcome. How even the lowest man on the totem pole can make a difference.

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