Malik Abdul-Khaliq, Author, Expert on Islam, Expert on Ethnic Studies, Expert on African-American Studies, Professional Speaker, and Published Poet

An expert on Islam and Ethnic Studies, Malik's lectures and presentations are captivating in the ways that they explain and debunk many of the misconceptions that loom large about the religion of Islam and minorities in the United States.

Malik Abdul-Khaliq is a scholar of Islamic Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Education. He is the author of a blog-site containing essays, poetry, literary criticism, and critical pedagogy. He lives in California.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his book:

In an attempt to explain and provide clarity about the religion of Islam and the five pillars of the faith - particularly, the last tenet being the hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) - the author has written a spell-binding book that focuses on his last pilgrimage in 2016. The reader will be provided with a first-person expose of what the hajj entails, as well as being provided with the extra-personal experience as captured within the forty-eight poems that the author wrote while he embarked on the spiritual journey.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his book:

The author is a scholar of Islam, ethnic studies, and education. He has taught on the religion of Islam as a parochial school teacher for over two decades, focusing on the Qur'an, the biography of Prophet Muhammad, Islamic Law, and Islamic history. He is a professor of Ethnic Studies as well as being a scholar of critical and culturally-relevant pedagogy.


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Malik Abdul-Khaliq has been a popularly requested presenter on the religion of Islam, and in such capacity has the ability to connect with wide audiences as an attempt to explain the merits of the faith while simultaneously debunking many of the untenable myths associated with the fastest growing and second largest monotheistic faith in the world. His ability to make simple that which is routinely muddled in political talk and dogmatic division is one of the strongest points of his presenting skills. He skillfully uses humor to connect with his audience.

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