Meaghan Hadwyn, Children's Book Author

Co-Creator of the honest children's book series

Meaghan Hadwyn has spent the past 8 years as part of a creative advertising team in Toronto, Canada. She and her creative partner, Niki Snjaric, are both working moms and as their kids grew they realized it was a struggle to explain some of life's ups and downs in a way that was honest but clear. So they decided to create Other Life Lessons, an ongoing book series dedicated to introducing young children to some of the often-unspoken truths we all learn as we grow. Their first series includes the titles, Sometimes Someone Dies, Life's Not Fair, and Why Mommy Works. $1 from every Other Life Lessons book sold is donated to children's mental health programs. Meaghan lives in Bowmanville, Canada with her daughter, husband and two dogs.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her books:

The goal of the Other Life Lessons books is to help parents plant the seeds of empathy, resilience and understanding in children in a way that's honest and straightforward.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her books:

The Other Life Lessons book subjects are based on subjects that have been important topics in my household and have touched my life.


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Honesty is at the heart of Other Life Lessons. No questions are off limits and all are answered with appropriate honesty. We offer three different presentations based on the subject matter of Life's Not Fair (working hard, dreaming big), Sometimes Someone Dies (grief, loss and love) as well as Why Mommy Works (working parents).

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