Melinda Carver, Award-Winning Author, Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Positive Speaker Inspiring You to Transform Your Life

Melinda Carver is a motivational speaker and the award-winning author of Get Positive Live Positive. She partners with corporations, non-profits, civic organizations, and entrepreneurs. She specializes in teaching business and community leaders how to defuse behavioral and attitudes issues in the workplace and volunteer groups. She has been featured in entrepreneur articles on CEO Nation and as the relationship expert in several articles on Bustle. She has appeared nationally on TV, radio, expos, conferences, corporate events and groups. Her articles have been published in several magazines. She hosts and produces Positive Perspectives Radio. Melinda was the featured speaker at the prestigious 2017 INATS Authors Breakfast. She is currently booking motivational and inspirational talks at conferences, corporations, non-profits, libraries, and civic groups. Melinda is a Board Member of the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR), and a member of the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce, NOACC, and the Power of More.

Get Positive Live Positive is the 2018 COVR Visionary Silver Award Winner for Best Self Help/Personal Growth book, and was also featured on Spirited Woman's "Spring Top 12 Book Pick List." Melinda is down-to-earth and uses humor to inspire others to transform their lives. She tailors her talks to each audience type. Melinda is also a Psychic Medium assisting others with their grief from loved one's passing.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her book:

How to transform your life beginning with your attitude and behavior patterns. Your attitude and behavior color your life in all areas – personality, love life, family, and career. Clearing the negativity from your life is easy to do with my step-by-step instructions using free or inexpensive tools.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her book:

On one of my darkest days, I had lost all hope and was severely depressed. I had an inspirational encounter that moved me to transform my attitude and my life. My book, Get Positive, Live Positive was created originally as a lecture that I presented nationally at expos across the country. If I could change my life using these tools, I could share and inspire my story with others to do the same.


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Pushing through Self-Sabotage motivational talk is about releasing negative attitudes and behaviors that sabotage your life. Discover ways to create an Attitude of Gratitude that can propel you forward in your personal and professional life.

Neutralizing Toxic Employees (or Volunteers) explores the many types of toxic employees that negatively impact your business. These employees hurt your bottom line by chasing away customers and other employees. Find out how to recognize them and the ways that you may neutralize their negativity.

Conscious Living asks, "What does your personal energy and attitude reflect out to the world?" Explore ways to raise your self-esteem and personal energy to be more conscious of your imprint towards others. Learn how to be the best you to attract the best opportunities.

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Middle School

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Adult Non-Fiction




Dreams/Dream Analysis


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Women’s Issues

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Hello World, Welcome to today's show and we are continuing on with are mini-series featuring World Renowned Medium Melinda D Carver out of Cleveland, Ohio. We are talking about her new book Get Positive Live Positive which can be purchased on Amazon. If your struggling in with career, relationships or just about any issue you might be facing.