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A believer in things most found silly, Michael Lackey (1973-) has always been a dreamer. He loved to pretend as a child in the forests of Alabama. Michael would find himself in a land of monsters where he was the only one who could save the world from utter destruction. In his free time, Michael would map out bike courses and fantasize about becoming the next big Hollywood stuntman. With the stunts complete, Michael would raise his sword high and proclaim himself the slayer of the mystical beasts plaguing his land.

Like most over-imaginative children, real life set in for Michael. Work. Adulthood. Family. He never really grew out of his imagination, but rather suppressed it to the point of monotony. Now in his forties, Michael's stories and love for fantasy come alive on the pages of The Bad Seed. Join Michael on his fantasy-filled quest to tell the story of the brave Zachery Morely and his adventures on Amundiss.

Michael just released a fast-paced, steampunk adventure titled: The Key of Knowledge. It is the first book in The Keys of Lazarus series. The year is 2058 and the world has been taken over by an immortal tyrant. The way she became immortal is she found the body of Lazarus and discovered a piece of the death angel hidden inside it. This Shadow Gem gave her the power of the resurrection, immortality and the power over death. If she kills you, she can control your body. The only way to defeat her is to hold all five keys of Lazarus.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his book:

The one thing I want readers to come away with is the sense of a great story. I believe that a great story is the beginning of things beautiful.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of his book:

I am a story teller. I do not claim to be an educated writer with degrees hanging on my walls, but I can tell one great story!


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I usually read from the title that is being sponsored. I tell of how I became an author and my struggles for a good story. I close by answering any questions.

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