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After having taught for over 20 years as a Pre-K teacher, I have now have turned my love of good books into works of my own, that speak to issues both kids and parents can relate to. Introducing a new sibling, finding the right place in your family, wondering about all the changes that go on as a family welcomes a new child from a little one's perspective! Also, my books speak to respecting children for who they are, and listening to their needs, as well as honoring their value as people in their own right. At my events, I read my books, poll kids on what they like, sing songs, talk about how to write a story, encourage their authorship, share original arts, and laugh. My whole idea is to bring joy and the love of reading to children. My program is geared for young readers and readers to be from ages 3-8!

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After 25 years in the classroom working with, and listening to young children, as well as being a mom and a grandmother, I know what makes children smile, and what they think about. I wanted to address issues that matter to young children.


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Fun Family Stories that everyone can relate to! My books are about topics all kids and parents can relate to, and as a bonus, I have the opportunity to have the wonderful Big Green Story Monster travel with me! I have songs, puzzles, coloring sheets, and crafts for each of my stories for each child. I bring all the supplies. I'd love to come have a fun morning or afternoon with your youngest readers, ages 2-8!

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So many things are changing for Max and Bear. They've moved into a new house in a new neighborhood, and now ... a new baby? Max's parents keep talking about someone named Josie, but who is that? With his trusty friend Bear by his side, Max navigates the changes in his life and wonders what it all means.