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Rob Bernstein developed his cognitive-based, intuitive approach over more than 30 years of in-depth, one-on-one work with clients ranging from nonverbal toddlers to high-functioning adults. He has consulted for the pediatric neurology department at Bronx Lebanon Hospital and the medical clinic, Pediatrics 2000, in New York City; an educational consultant to the National Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies; and has provided expert testimony at hearings on behalf of young people on the autism spectrum. Mr. Bernstein conducts evaluations and studies for neurologists and neuropsychologists around the country. In addition to his private practice, he conducts workshops, seminars, and support groups for families of persons with autism spectrum disorders, and appears regularly on WVOX radio in New Rochelle. In 2012, he founded the Table Tennis Therapy Program for Asperger’s Individuals in Pleasantville, New York, the first program of its kind. He one child and a brother on the spectrum.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from his book:

My book, Uniquely Normal, is designed to help parents, teachers, and loved ones with their child on the spectrum. They will recognize their child in one or more of the case stories and see what was done to make a difference with that child. Dr. Temple Grandin, author of Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships, who wrote the foreword, said, “Uniquely Normal will provide readers with lots of practical ways to work with the full spectrum of individuals with autism.”

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I have over 30 years of experience, seeing thousands of people on the spectrum. I also have child and brother on the spectrum.

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My talk will be giving insight into the most important thing to parents of children on the spectrum — an approach of what to do with their child. Educators, physicians, parents will learn an alternate approach to Applied Behavioral Analysis.

"Bernstein has mapped out a practical path for parents to increase the skills and independence of kids on the autism spectrum, while respecting their ways of experiencing the world, supporting their autonomy, and avoiding the traumatizing methods of ABA and other purely behavioral approaches.”  

— Steve Silberman, author,  Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

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A11yNYC Meetup, April 3 2018 at Thoughtbot NYC. TRANSCRIPT Counselor and Author Robert J. Bernstein will discuss his latest book, "Uniquely Normal: Tapping The Reservoir of Normalcy To Treat Autism." From Amazon: 2017 Best Books Award Winner: "Uniquely Normal: Tapping The Reservoir of Normalcy To Treat Autism." Author Robert J.