Sandra Warren, Children's & Adult Author, Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Presenter

A versatile writer with publications in multiple genres designed to inform, educate, inspire and entertain.

Sandra Warren is a writer with very eclectic writing tastes. She’s been fortunate to have work published in multiple formats including books, magazines, journals, newspapers, audio (cassette, CD), and video (VHS, DVD) on topics spanning children’s, gifted education, parenting, how to, poetry, educational activity guides, memoir/biography for adults, as well as children’s picture books. Her interests remain eclectic with two screenplays, a historical fiction novel for adults and one for middle grade students, in process.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her books:

That a book can take you anywhere you want to go, teach you things you never knew, connect you with history, make you laugh and cry, and show you that you can be anything you want to be and overcome any obstacles through hard work and persistence.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her books:

Published over thirty years ago, my first three books were unique open-ended story books designed to enhance creative and divergent thinking. They are still used in classrooms today.  Throughout the years, no matter the genre, I’ve worked hard and continue to work hard to learn the process and discover the facts whether writing fiction or nonfiction.


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Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

Communication is the theme for school visits which are geared towards grade level and educator’s objectives for the visit. Up to third grade includes an illustration activity surrounding an interactive reading and listening of the communication based story-song picture book, Arlie the Alligator. Third grade and up will get a progressively deeper discussion of the writing process, where ideas come from and my author journey. Older students will study the process for turning story books into books-on-tape/CD. The writing of open-ended stories is also available for all ages.

Patriotism is the theme for presentations to middle-school students through senior adults based on the work of non-fiction, We Bought A WWII Bomber: The Untold Story of Michigan High School, a B-17 Bomber & The Blue Ridge Parkway. The book prompted the erection of a historical marker on the Blue Ridge Parkway honoring the accomplishment of the students from Michigan and the bomber they purchased in 1943. Proof what students can do.  

Patriotism is also the theme based on two biographies of Army Reserve Nurses who served in the Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm; Hidden Casualties: Battles On The Home Front and When Duty Called: Even Grandma Had to Go.

Additional topics include, developing creativity, writing memoir and my journey as an author. 

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Find out what connects students at a Michigan High School during World War II to a B-17 Bomber and The Blue Ridge Parkway, in this inspiring true story of commitment, dedication and patriotism in home front America; a story that fostered a mystery it would take seventy-two years to solve.