Shanalee Sharboneau, Speaker, Presenter, Nationally and Internationally Awarded Children's Author

STEM graduate turned award-winning author inspires audiences to define their dreams and pursue them in any definition.

Speaker and Presenter Shanalee Sharboneau is a National and International Awarded Children’s Author with her children’s series, My Family Loves Me, being sold and recognized all over the world, starting with her first book, My Mama Loves Me; I'm Her Little Boy. In honor of National Reading Awareness Month, Shanalee has received the prestigious "Moving America Forward" award and was also featured on the television show "Moving America Forward" hosted by William Shatner. She has been featured on multiple radio shows including "In the Know" with Brian Glenn, "The Author Show", "Author Talk" and "The Flying Burrito Show." She has been awarded Medal Finalist in the International Book Award for Best Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction, Royal Dragonfly Book Award and Medal Reader’s Favorite Five Stars, twice. Her experience as a STEM graduate in Statistics & Mathematics, career Recruiter turned award winning author inspires audiences to define their dreams and pursue them in any definition. Shanalee speaks and motivates audiences on creating your future self, the importance of a gender equivalent household and the significance of parents and the community's role in the future of their children. She inspires individuals to pursue their dreams, whether it is to write a book, pursing a higher career, or becoming the best person they can be in this lifetime by recognizing their strengths and dreams and pursuing them every day.

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her books:

Parents love their children to a measure which can only be understood when having your own kids. In our busy moments, we tell our children we love them every day, yet find it challenging on expressing to them how and why we love them. Many parents express their gratitude when reading my books to their young kids. It provides a moment to give them such loving words and to tell them how we really care for them every day. As a son or daughter takes moments to find characters in these beautifully illustrator books by Israel Dilean, we too have a moment to let them know inconspicuously they are our everything. When mother's read my book for the first time, almost uncontrollable tears come to their eyes. To me, that is the greatest joy possible, to reach a parent's heart as my son touched my own.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her books:

When my son had severe reflux, we almost lost him twice. I spent the first 6 months with my son on a 24/7 vigilant watch to make sure his condition did not bring him back to Heaven. My husband and I did not sleep at night or barely during the day for that entire six months. In the countless hours rocking my son all hours of the day and night humming nursery tunes to calm him, none of them worked until I began to hum a melody which later formed words. These words turned into lyrics, lyrics turned into verses, and the verses became the beautiful lullaby I sang to my newborn son entitled "My Mama Loves Me." After Braydon's reflux went away, I wrote down all the melodies to the lullaby so I would not forget the loving song I once sang to my infant son over and over again to calm him in his time of need. This became the book, My Mama Loves Me: I'm Her Little Boy, in my upcoming children's series My Family Loves Me. I believe when you are so desperate to keep your child alive, the words you find come directly from your soul. My books contain the words to the song as I was begging him to stay alive.


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Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

  • “Creating your Future Self”: How to create your future self by starting today. Learn how the six areas of leadership including Education, Skills & Talents, Volunteering, Networking and Building Character can create your future successful self, starting today.
  • “Increasing your Opportunities for the Future": Gaining insights and knowledge on how to become a more sought after professional while increasing opportunities in the workforce. Learn how to gain traction in promoting yourself in the virtual and real world in today’s market.
  • “The Importance of Mothers in Literacy”: How reading to our children creates bonds and security for a lifetime. Learn how a parent’s role in developing literacy influences a child’s wonder of the world and promoting curiosity and adventure for a lifetime.
  • “Growing Up Equal": An inspirational speech on a journey of growing up a gender equal household and culture and her mission to spread such equality to others.
  • “Initiating Positive Book Momentum”: Shanalee Sharboneau understands the challenge in placing your book out in the public and on book shelves can be a daunting challenge unless you know where to begin. In just a year, she went from a no-name author, to being recognized on the world stage. She understands introducing your book to the world can be a sequence of intimidating tasks, unless you know where to start and how to define your vision. Learn how she started from her first book, My Mama Loves Me: I’m Her Little Boy, to receiving recognition all over the world, from the national and international markets on her children’s series, My Family Loves Me. Learn the approach to reach positive book momentum.
  • “It Takes a Village”: Discussion with how the community and parents play a role in the future of their children.
  • “Pray and then Turn that Way”: A motivational speech on how God really does answer prayers. From corporate worker turned multiple award winning author, learn how believing in God and offering to do God’s work changes your future forever.

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