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Shannon DeVivo, Children's Author and Professional Engineer

I love inspiring young students to achieve their full potential. There are so many students who feel that engineering is beyond their capabilities, but that's just not true. I have made it my life's mission to inspire young students to consider all the careers that a degree in engineering can lead to.

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Carmela Dutra, Speaker, Presenter, Award-Winning Children's Author & Illustrator of STEM Picture Books

A good non-fiction story should be more than just a bunch of facts. Non-fiction stories should be fun and entertaining. That's exactly what I try to do with every Little Katie book.

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Suzie Olsen, Children's Author and Systems Engineer

As a female engineer, promoting diversity in STEM professions is very important to me. According to the US Census Bureau's 2009 American Community Survey (ACS), women comprise just 24 percent of STEM workers (in the US). And specific to my profession, engineering, the number of women is only 12 percent ( The percentage of minorities in STEM is even lower.

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