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Donna M. McDine, Award-Winning Children's Author

My books take the reader on unique spell-bounding rides whether it be the adrenaline rush of escaping via the Underground Railroad, the slip of the ice beneath your skates, the harsh reality of the Royal Navy Press Gangs, the discovery of whale poachers at the beach, experience the first day of kindergarten nervousness or follow the journey of a rescued dog in finding his forever home.

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Richard Rieman, Author of "The Author's Guide to Audiobook Creation"

Children's books are one of the fastest growing audiobook genres. Listeners buy the audiobook and an accompanying PDF of the picture book, or a PDF of the images is included in the book. Young Adult audiobooks are also rising in popularity among the "always plugged in" generation.

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Myron Campbell, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

The most important thing is it's ok to be different. Everyone has there own path in life to follow. It's up to you to figure that out. Who you take with you on your adventure is totally up to you. Always play fair, don't give up, and finish what you start.

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