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Diamante Lavendar, Author, Artist, Songwriter

I am an award-winning author of three published books in the genres of inspirational fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. I am also an award-winning artist. I dabble in writing music as well. I write to inspire my readers to find hope, healing and new possibilities in life.

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Katie Saint, Licensed Professional Counselor, Behavior Analyst, Presenter, Social Skills Curriculum Author

Katie Saint presents locally and internationally on topics related to Autism, mental health, and behavior analysis. Katie has a mental health private practice and is also the director of training at an Autism treatment program.

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Carlos Torres, Social Skills Curriculum Author, Group Coordinator, Presenter, Coach

Carlos has presented over 300 times in large and small group settings teaching social skills and relationship development. He has been working with people with disabilities and mental health concerns for over 15 years. Carlos leads a team of over 30 therapists at a bachelors and masters level of education to teach and implement natural environment social skills training. except

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