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Below is a list of schools, media outlets, and other organizations that are searching for authors, illustrators, or speakers.

Authors and artists are encouraged to contact any of the contacts listed below. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for new listings!

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Families of Multiples

We are an online resource for parents of twins, triplets and more, and are seeking writers who are the parents of multiples. There are opportunities to have your work featured on the site, as well as a chance to be interviewed on our monthly podcast.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Contact: Kevin Zelenka, Editor
Email: admin [at] fathersofmultiples [dot] com
Website: fathersofmultiples.com

Tabor Public Library

The Tabor Public Library is looking for visitors for public library events and programs.

Location: Tabor, IA
Contact: Dawn Miller, Director
Email: dawn.miller [at] tabor [dot] lib.ia.us
Phone: (712) 629-2735
Website: tabor.lib.ia.us

Bukola Oriola Group

Bukola Oriola Group, LLC is the publisher of L Magazine. L simply means Lipstick, Lip Balm & Literacy. It started as a live show on Facebook, then Oriola took if further with her print journalism experience by turning it into a print magazine. It's a fun show where authors share their inspiring journey of writing, publishing and marketing to inspire prospective and veteran authors. Let's hear from you and share your inspiring author journey in a fun way with Bukola Oriola on the live show and L Magazine.

Location: Minnesota
Contact: Bukola Oriola, CEO
Email: info [at] bukolaoriola [dot] com
Phone: (763) 516-4359
Website: www.bukolaoriola.com/LMagazine

Marvin Memorial Library

I would like to have Ohio authors come to our library. I would like to have a couple of Ohio cookbook authors come to our library next year.

Location: Shelby, OH
Contact: Shelly Krystofik, Adult Programming Coordinator
Email: skrystofik [at] marvinlibrary [dot] org
Phone: (419) 347-5576
Website: www.marvinlibrary.org

Mission Hills Middle School

Mission Hills is not just a middle school. We are elementary and middle. This will be our first time, so any kind of author is ok.

Location: Union City, CA
Contact: Lata Nigam, School Administrator
Email: lnigam [at] mhmschool [dot] org
Phone: (510) 493-2189
Website: www.mhmschool.org


We are looking to profile authors on our blog. This would be via emailed questionnaire. Similar to a "10 questions with...X" style. We may also promote or include your book in a separate post or on our book of the month if it's a fit with our monthly theme.

Contact: Daniela Kelloway, Editor
Email: daniela [at] booknbrunch [dot] com
Website: www.booknbrunch.com

"We All Got ISSUES" Radio Talk Show

We are seeking authors of children's books and those for adults that focus on health, behavioral health, education, and social justice ISSUES.

Contact: Dr. Glenda Clare, Talk Show Host
Email: shows [at] fragilefamiliesnetwork [dot] com
Website: www.wcomfm.org/programs/we-all-got-issues/

Indie Author's Monthly Magazine

Looking for articles from authors about their experiences in publishing. Also, have three blog talk radio programs: Indie Authors Roundtable, Navigating Indieworld, and Let's Say Hello to our neighbors.

Phone: (516) 375-9550
Website: www.indieauthorsmonthly.com

Pebble Digital Inc.

I would like to invite authors for an interview on my blog http://pebbleinthestillwaters.com

Contact: Jaideep Khanduja, CEO & Founder
Email: Jaideep [at] pebbleinthestillwaters [dot] com
Phone: (880) 200-6064
Website: pebbleinthestillwaters.com

Tmv Cafe

My show is a cross between Charlie Rose and Larry King. I interview people from all walks of life. If you have a story to tell lets talk.

Contact: Gary Alan, Talk Show Host
Email: garyalan [at] cfl [dot] rr [dot] com
Phone: (321) 806-4049
Website: garyalantalkshow.com

Good Life Detroit

Good Life Detroit is a lifestyle blog which features topics about beauty, culture, entertainment, family life, fashion, motherhood, and recipes. As an African American writer, I am passionate about promoting diversity for all cultures, especially within the African American community. The demographics of the blog are as follows: the majority of readers are women who have families. Their ages range from 25 to 45 and they live in the U.S. I would love to connect with authors and artists who are available for an email or phone interview/quote. If you are in the Detroit area, then we can also meet for an in-person interview. Looking forward to meeting you! Thank you!

Contact: Jennifer Hamra. Managing Editor and Lifestyle Blogger
Email: jennifer [at] goodlifedetroit [dot] com
Phone: (931) 266-6322
Website: www.goodlifedetroit.com


Radio/Podcast host "Book Talk" featuring interviews with authors of the newest books available. Primarily non-fiction, how-to, biographies, self-help. Occasional fiction books. 8-10 minute interviews.

Contact: Doug Miles, Broadcaster/Producer
Email: dougmiles [at] hotmail [dot] com
Phone: (941) 227-0064
Website: www.dougmilesmedia.com

Barstool Sports

We are looking for sports, entertainment, and pop culture authors to appear as interview guests on our podcast network that averages over 30 million downloads a month and our SiriusXM radio channel. Our demographic is 18-34 year old.

Contact: Paul Kaplan, Sr. Talent Prouducer
Email: pkap [at] barstoolsports [dot] com
Phone: (414) 418-6691
Website: www.barstoolsports.com

Alpha Media - Lincoln

Musicians are always good, and so are people who can articulate agricultural perspectives to an urban audience. I am into organics and the environment, so authors in those areas are always welcome. I stay away from politics (enough of that going on), otherwise I'm open for nearly anything. I record shows from 9am CENTRAL to Noon CENTRAL Monday through Thursday.

Contact: Dale Johnson, News Director and Host
Email: dale [at] kfornow [dot] com
Phone: (402) 430-4616
Website: www.kfornow.com

WTBF Radio

I've been reviewing books since 1988 in print and on the radio, and interviewing authors for a weekly 30 minute show since 1991. I like to read the book before the interview. Interviews are recorded in late afternoon (4 PM and later CT) as I teach journalism in the mornings at Troy University. My interests are Christianity, history, science/health.

Contact: Dave Kirby, Operations & Program Manager
Email: wtbfdoc [at] yahoo [dot] com
Phone: (334) 566-0300
Website: www.onthebookshelf.biz