Authors/Artists FAQ

What is included in an AuthorBookings.com membership?

Each listing includes: author biography, topics, presentation experience, links to social media, website and YouTube video, and 2-3 images (headshot, book cover, event photo, etc.)


Where do I send images for my listing?

After you complete your registration, email 2-3 hi-res images of your choice (headshot, book cover, event photo, etc.) to abteam@storymonsters.com. You will receive an email confirmation once the photos has been posted.

Pro Tip: Photos taken with your phone are acceptable to submit for a headshot, but it's best to make sure the background and clothing are simple busy patterns and backgrounds are not recommended.


How can I make changes to my listing?

As part of your membership, you are allowed to submit one (1) request for changes and/or updates to your listing. Simply fill out the form on the "Update My Listing" link under the "Membership" tab. Please allow 1-2 business days for the changes to be made. You will receive an email confirmation once your listing has been updated.


How can schools or the media find my listing on the website?

Schools and the media can search by name or keywords such as categories or topics in the "Search” bar.

Also, you can directly connect to your listing at www.authorbookings.com/yourfirstname-yourlastname.


How will schools or the media be able to connect with me?

When a school or the media want to connect with you, they will fill out the form contained in the "Request Info" button located at the end of each membership profile listing. You will receive an email from Story Monsters LLC with the request from the school or the media.


How can I find schools to connect with?

Schools are able to send us their wish list for author visits and we will post them on the AuthorBookings.com website. You will find the Schools Wish List page in "Schools Seeking Authors" link under the "Connect" tab in the navigation.


How can I get an event posted on the calendar?

One of the benefits of your AuthorBookings.com membership is that we will post any author/book event on our Event Calendar for FREE. You will find the Add an Event link under Event Calendar in the main navigation.


How will you promote my membership?

When you join, your listing will be promoted on Facebook to our network of followers. We will also send one "New Member HIghlight" email per month to our list of schools and libraries and to the media.


How can I promote my membership on AuthorBookings.com on my author website?

Use the "Member of AuthorBookings.com" logo below and a link to your AuthorBoookings.com profile on your site to let others know you are a member! 


Click and hold (Mac) or right mouse click (PC) on the image above until a dialog box appears. Make sure that the file name ends in .jpg (Mac). Click "Save".

How can I renew my AuthorBookings.com membership?

You are able to renew your membership at any time. Visit the AuthorBookings.com Membership listing in our online store. Make sure you check "Renew Membership" on the Membership Registration form. You may also make any changes you wish to your listing when you check out. Make sure you enter n/a on any fields you do not want to update.


How can I provide feedback about my experience using AuthorBookings.com?

We would love to hear your success stories! Fill out the form to provide your feedback and we may feature your comments on the Testimonials page.


What can I do if I find an error or experience another problem with the website?

If for any reason you experience problems with the site, please email us or call 480-940-8182.