Anita Iaco, Children's Author and Guest Speaker

I visit schools to read my story, Let's Vote! A Fruitful Election Tale, and give students the chance to cast their vote for their favorite fruit from among my tasty candidates.

Anita Iaco owns a preschool in North Haledon, NJ with her daughter Jenn and their family. Their little students gift her with funny, sentimental, and inspirational story ideas almost daily. Anita met her husband Steve at Iona College where she graduated with a degree in communication arts. She loves reading, relaxing (whenever she gets a free minute), and spending time with her family. Her mantra is, "Don't stare up those steps, just step up those stairs."

The most important thing the author wants readers to gain from her book:

I hope my book helps teachers launch important classroom discussions. One discussion could be about the election process. We vote on things every day, including what games to play with our friends and where to go for dinner with our family. We also have to accept the fact that what we vote for will not always win. Another discussion could be about character traits and how important it is to make promises you can keep, to tell the truth and not bully our friends.

Why the author is an authority on the subject of her book:

I have been around children all my life. I have seen how they behave toward one another and how they like to be treated. At my preschool I try to teach them not only about letter and numbers, but how to share, take turns, and respect each other. I tried to capture those messages and feelings in my story.


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Speaking Engagements and School Presentations:

Every Vote Counts! And to date, many schools have given my presentation two thumbs up. When I visit, I read my story about a classroom election for the favorite fruit and either discuss the voting process or talk about how a story is inspired, written, illustrated and published. In the Fall, around Election Day, I can also discuss candidates in national and local elections. (This presentation has been very sought during the last presidential campaign.) At the end of my presentation, I give the young listeners an opportunity to cast their vote for their favorite fruit from among my three tasty candidates: the apple, the orange, and the banana. I have a voting box and cards, similar to the one used in my story. I would love to visit your school. I hope I can count on your vote, too.

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