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For Jayne M. Rose-Vallee, school visits are the highlight of being a children's book author. Though she has received numerous awards, Jayne feels children's reactions to her readings provide the best feedback. Her infectious, positive energy is clear from the moment she walks into the classroom and the children find her engaging and funny. Jayne believes creativity and imagination are critical to children's development. Through her books and readings, she emphasizes the importance of recognizing that everyone is unique and to celebrate their differences.

Jayne also brings her mother's poem book and incorporates the humorous poems into her readings. This introduces students to the rhythm of poetry and hopefully fosters an appreciation for prose. Dinosaur facts are also discussed, and dinosaur themed gift bags are provided for each child.

From one-room schoolhouses in Michigan to a Harlem charter school in New York, Jayne can adapt to varying environments. Flyers are provided in advance of the visit to allow parents to order Dinosaurs Living in My Hair at a discounted rate. Each visited school library is provided with a donated copy of Jayne's books.

Jayne lives in Michigan and Florida, but visits schools across the US. Dinosaurs Living In My Hair 2, the second book in the DLIMH series, is scheduled for early 2018. Take advantage of this energetic, fun loving author for an engaging visit with your students!




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