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Andrea Torrey Balsara, Children's & Young Adult Author/Illustrator, Motivational Speaker

I want to inspire young people to think for themselves, and to dig deep to find the resilience and treasures that lay within.

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Eva Beames, Childrens Author/Singer/Imaginary Stories

Through the art of storytelling, I want children to be inspired to use their imaginations. My experience tells me that children accept what is shown and already created for TV and in the media. Listening to, rather than watching, a story presents alternative choices.

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George Neeb, Children's Author and Illustrator

As an elementary school teacher for over 25 years, I could see a need for more historical fiction picture books. Teaching with picture books brings subjects, like history, alive for students. I wrote and illustrated, Pharaoh's Arrow, about a girl living in Ancient Egypt, so teachers and readers could enjoy a picture book story that was also filled with authentic information.

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