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Elizabeth Cummings, Children's Author

Elizabeth Mary Cummings was born in Manchester England, grew up in Scotland, and studied in Edinburgh. After completing a degree in Psychology and Business Studies, Elizabeth went on to train and work as a primary school teacher for many years in Scotland and New Zealand before moving to Australia to run a language education business.

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Richard Rieman, Author of "The Author's Guide to Audiobook Creation"

Children's books are one of the fastest growing audiobook genres. Listeners buy the audiobook and an accompanying PDF of the picture book, or a PDF of the images is included in the book. Young Adult audiobooks are also rising in popularity among the "always plugged in" generation.

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Maggy Williams, Children's Author and Speaker

“I’m Mixed is a simple story which approaches how we describe ourselves from an early age, from the perspective of a young girl who has a black father and a white mother. It encourages children to embrace their appearance without labeling themselves as one race or another. In an increasingly diverse world, acceptance, inclusion and self-awareness are imperative, and Maggy Williams gives us a great starting point for conversation.”
Lori Siesto, MME-MT, MT-BC, author, educator and music therapist

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Gail Trauco, Children's Author, Keynote Speaker, TV/Media Personality

The Emma meets the Grief Monster book series is dedicated to children (and former children) everywhere. Losses, both great and small, are a part of every human life and it’s time for children to be comforted and reassured in that. Grief is something to experience and express as fully as possible in order to lead a most healthy, fulfilling life. Children are often our greatest teachers. So perhaps the Emma meets the Grief Monster book series will have them teach us by example how to face and then thrive through our losses, fears and life challenges.

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