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Jonathan Schork, Artist, Author, and Illustrator

Jonathan Schork was born and raised in the mid-Hudson Valley, maintains close relationships there still, and used the Catskills of his childhood as the setting for More Tales from the Enchanted Wood and The Love of Simon Fox. A graduate of Onteora High School, he also volunteered there as a teaching assistant for fourteen years.

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Tim S. Vasquez, Coach, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Part-Time Wordsmith

Tim S. Vasquez’s casual, easy-to-read writing style has collided with his vast life experiences to create his long-awaited first book, The Taco Stand. Growing up in the kitchen of his parents’ Mexican restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, has provided him the impetus for the book. Tim is the owner and operator of his family’s restaurants, Someburros and Isabel’s Amor, where he strives each and every day to honor the legacy of his Nana Isabel and Tata Poncho.

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Kalia Doner, Non-Fiction Writer Specializing in Health, Nutrition, and Cooking

In every book of non-fiction, the goal is to help the reader discover new ways to understand and/or negotiate the world and their daily life. In my work, whether I am discussing managing a chronic health condition like diabetes or exploring ways a reader can upgrade his or her lifestyle through improved nutrition and physical activity, I want to provide accurate, authoritative, accessible facts that inform and inspire.

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Michelle Worthington, Children's Author, Professional Speaker, Skype Workshops, Book Fairy

Michelle Worthington is a real-life book fairy. Her magic powers include turning coffee into award-winning picture books published all over the world. As founder of Share Your Story Australia, she waves her wand to coach aspiring authors achieve their dreams of publication. She flies around from Canberra to New York sprinkling her dynamic brand of fairy dust over audiences.

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Whitney Stewart, Children's Book Author, Mindfulness Expert, Professional Speaker

My books take children on journeys through history, biography, and world cultures. Through them, I want to inspire kids to take adventures, talk to world leaders, explore the arts, go deep into science, and to understand their own heart and mind.

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Maggy Williams, Children's Author and Speaker

“I’m Mixed is a simple story which approaches how we describe ourselves from an early age, from the perspective of a young girl who has a black father and a white mother. It encourages children to embrace their appearance without labeling themselves as one race or another. In an increasingly diverse world, acceptance, inclusion and self-awareness are imperative, and Maggy Williams gives us a great starting point for conversation.”
Lori Siesto, MME-MT, MT-BC, author, educator and music therapist

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