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Martha Joseph Watts, Author, Instructor, Content Developer, Independent Educational Consultant, and Teacher Trainer

Dr. Martha Joseph Watts — known affectionally as “Aunty Marcella” — is a former English teacher, who currently serves as a literacy coach in Brevard County, Florida. She is best known for her Writing to Respond (WTR) process, an approach for guiding students through evidence-based writing. Her latest focus has been on children’s fiction, with the Adventures of Iyani, series is set in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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Jonathan Schork, Artist, Author, and Illustrator

Jonathan Schork was born and raised in the mid-Hudson Valley, maintains close relationships there still, and used the Catskills of his childhood as the setting for More Tales from the Enchanted Wood and The Love of Simon Fox. A graduate of Onteora High School, he also volunteered there as a teaching assistant for fourteen years.

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Kosa Ely, Author, Artist, Speaker

I’m fascinated by the art and stories of ancient and contemporary people, so whenever I get the chance I’m off to another country to experience their culture, learn their history, and make a lot of new friends. I’ve been to twenty countries so far. My most memorable experiences are living in remote villages in India, spending time with indigenous communities in the Amazon, and visiting the Maori people in New Zealand.

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Jayne M. Rose-Vallee, Children's Author

Jayne feels children's reactions to her readings provide the best feedback. Her infectious, positive energy is clear from the moment she walks into the classroom and the children find her engaging and funny.

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Mary R. Massey, Children's Author, Professional Speaker, Early Childhood Consultant, Professional Development Trainer

Dr. Massey believes all children are SMART in their own special way and works with parents and teachers to help them view children through that lens.

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Pam Saxelby, Children's Author

Fun Family Stories that inspire and delight!

After having taught for over 20 years as a Pre-K teacher, I have now have turned my love of good books into works of my own, that speak to issues both kids and parents can relate to. Introducing a new sibling, finding the right place in your family, wondering about all the changes that go on as a family welcomes a new child from a little one's perspective!

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