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Elizabeth Raum, Children's Author, Educator, Speaker

I want kids to find history and historical characters as fascinating as I do. People in the past were not cardboard figures but real people who were shaped by the time in which they lived. By getting to know the past, we gain a better understanding of the present and can work to create a better future. When talking about animal or weather topics, I focus on the joy of uncovering new facts. Research, no matter the topic, is a treasure hunt!

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Carmela Dutra, Speaker, Presenter, Award-Winning Children's Author & Illustrator of STEM Picture Books

A good non-fiction story should be more than just a bunch of facts. Non-fiction stories should be fun and entertaining. That's exactly what I try to do with every Little Katie book.

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Conrad J. Storad, Children's Science & Nature Author

Nonfiction books should be fun. That's my goal with each and every book I write. I have programs to fit every age group and grade level. “Tales from the Sonoran Desert” is designed for primary grade students. I use multimedia, puppets and props to do animated readings for younger children: preschool, kindergarten, or primary and intermediate elementary grade students.

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