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Diamante Lavendar, Author, Artist, Songwriter

I am an award-winning author of three published books in the genres of inspirational fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. I am also an award-winning artist. I dabble in writing music as well. I write to inspire my readers to find hope, healing and new possibilities in life.

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Michael Daigle, Mystery Author, Fiction Writer, Journalist, Public Speaker

Michael Stephen Daigle grew up in the Northeast U.S. from the snowbelt shores of Upstate N.Y. to the woods of Maine and the piers of New Bedford, Mass., all the while writing. He and his family now live in New Jersey.

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Kesha Nichols, Author, Empowerment Speaker, Writing Coach

Inspirational author, Kesha Nichols, is a native of New York. She is an advocate for children who are exceptional, penning her second children’s book on this very subject matter. Kesha is very involved in her community and has partnered with Fun Creative Writing to bring her love for writing to the school system through what she calls "her power tools: a pen and notepad." Nichols struggled herself with writing. She has a heart to cultivate and nurture the creative imagination of young people while enhancing their reading and writing abilities.

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